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Our innovative technology, based on Reasoning AI and Knowledge Graph, elevates your data to information and makes it accessible to all stakeholders to optimize its use and make it intelligible.
Turn your digital archive management into a real enterprise asset.

One solution, different uses


Time saving and risk reduction:

  • Easy and ready to pilot
  • Manage all updates, from applications to configurations
  • Customize every dimension
    of the solution

1 – Turnkey with Professional Services support
2 – Autonomy with Perfect Académie training

From raw data to valuable information


Multiplying the opportunities of finding the accurate content:


  • Point out redundancies and conflicts
  • Protect from duplicate mistakes 
  • Get rid of tedious tasks 
  • Dummies-proof access to complex and rich data and content
  • Hidden and stashed information revealed
  • Opportunities multiplication

From valuable information to optimized exploitation


An interface that really valorises your content
and designed for your clients:


  • Reliability and finesse of the search guaranteed by the power of the knowledge graph.
  • Multiplication of referencing opportunities adding the implicit to the explicit.
  • Easy clipping tool thanks to the ergonomics and power of the timeline.
  • Validation or invalidation of orders.

From optimized exploitation to monetized content 


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