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Our technical layers and technology offer several solutions to fit your need.
Our solutions combine the best of semantic technologies and UX to help you fix data management in your organization.
With 10+ years of R&D and experience in different markets, our solutions are designed to ease your work and make your day-to-day more efficient.

Our technical layers


A powerful UI to search and access all assets based on native business language. The user experience and intuitiveness of a consumer portal without compromising the feature set required by professional applications. Enhanced productivity thanks to our fact-based knowledge and metadata enrichment.



Raffiné™, our Semantics Insight Engine, is a modular semantic platform that collects, interprets, and links business data and content. It becomes accessible and actionable in the right operational context and business ecosystem. Raffiné™ speaks your business language and makes your data accessible to all stakeholders.


Our connectors ensure tight integration within your existing ecosystem. Any incoming data source is mapped into the knowledge graph. It is then distributed to relevant external stakeholders and systems.


Interrogé™ is a restful API to make your own developments interact with Raffiné™, our Semantics Insight Engine.It allows developers to access and use the power of Raffiné™ through dedicated endpoints and roots.


Piloté™ is the administration tool used to configure Raffiné™ and Trouvé™. Dedicated to integrators and in-house IT teams, it allows you to take control of your semantic platform.

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