Who are we?

Perfect memory is a Software Publisher

We crafted a new generation of Digital Asset Management Systems, the DAM-as-a-Brain, which can refine and execute cognitive processing on content.

Our DAM-as-a-Brain allows to collect, interpret, and transform any data and content into natively exploitable assets for operational teams and their ecosystems.

We guarantee to our users a quick, intuitive, and exhaustive access to data and contents, regardless of their nature and origin.

Evolutive and customizable, Raffiné™, our software platform, facilitates its setup to be the closest possible to your business needs.

We are proud to work with a broad spectrum of organizations, including Major European Football Club, RTL-Belgium or Eurovision Media Services. All of them noticed, daily, an actual acceleration of contents valorization cycles, an increase of their operational teams’ performances and a consolidation of their data and contents Governance policy.

We built our DAM-as-a-Brain to respond to new exploitation issues that modern organizations meet nowadays.

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