Who are we?

Empowering innovation and knowledge

Our mission

Perfect Memory was founded to help organizations generate easily accessible, powerful, and mission-critical knowledge, in order to empower employees to deliver world-class operational performance, as well as fuel their innovation and development. To do that, Perfect Memory offers an operating system for customers to create, manage, and leverage organizational knowledge: what we’ve come to call the Perfect knowledge Operating System (kOS).

Our commitment

The men and women at La Perfect are embarking on a unique adventure, a new paradigm: innovation to create a totally new product for a market yet to be invented. Collectively, Perfect members are leading this new market by competing in historical verticals (particularly in the media and telecom sectors): to design a revolutionary knowledge access and sharing solution, adapted to every use, every context, every customer. At the cutting edge of artificial intelligence and semantic technologies, they do everything in their power to offer users an unrivalled premium service.

Our employee value proposition

To carry out their unique mission, employees @LaPerfect benefit from special working conditions:

  • Personalized organization (with a “remote first” principle), and teamwork in project mode,
  • Mentoring, from local management through to scientific advice, with top experts on board,
  • Contributing to establish a new technological paradigm, reinforcing both research and innovation, as well as customer applications,
  • Growth opportunities: be part of the adventure of a scaling start-up, in a permanent dynamic and never routine rhythm.

Our behaviours

Adherence to this common project requires the adoption of specific, commonly shared attitudes. This is the identity of La Perfect and of those who bring it to life and make it flourish on a daily basis. There are three of them, which all together form a coherent whole underpinning the behaviour of La Perfect:


Being responsible at Perfect Memory is not just obvious. Whatever their personal organizational style, their individual way of working and progressing in their mission, each and every employee @LaPerfect can be counted on at all times.

Transparency and updates at work: accomplishments are shared, as are doubts or mistakes acknowledged in real time. The context and stakes of each task are known. Results are communicated and commented on.

Actions and reactions: initiatives are more than encouraged, they are solicited to anticipate future difficulties or repair mistakes. Participation in improving processes and collective workloads is essential.

Solidarity: the challenges facing the whole company are the individual challenges facing each member of La Perfect team, and are integrated as such into their day-to-day work.


Imagination and creativity are fundamental to each employee’s ability to carry out his or her mission within the framework of the collective project in which he or she is involved. Common sense and a willingness to think on one’s feet must enable everyone to find the solutions they need to get the job done.

Welcome curiosity: take an interest in the company’s collective project, and in the missions of the employees around you, to grasp its contours. Get a better grasp of current practices and innovations in the market as a whole, as well as in the specific context of your job.

Surpassing oneself: constantly learning to improve, and knowing how to go beyond the simple threshold of one’s primary skills. Seek and find the most acceptable solutions to move a project forward and achieve success. Being able to invest outside one’s comfort zone when necessarqy.

Open-mindedness: understanding the stakes of the industry you’re working in, and those of the end-users. Listening to critics and opinions in order to constantly improve. Last but not least, integrate the strong and obvious cultural dimension attached to the knowledge engineering market within which you evolve.


At Perfect Memory, we’re all a bit perfectionist, committed to delivering a solution that’s not only exemplary but also unique on the market. From content to form, nothing can go out without being incredibly successful.

Quality first: the quality of our products is mandatory. We do everything in our power to offer a top-quality service, and each and every one of us must make a full contribution. The quest for perfection should never be seen as an individual constraint, but rather as a permanent collective behavior.

Result driven: La Perfect employees are constantly guided by the desired result. With our customers’ and our company’s challenges in mind, everyone does their utmost to contribute effectively to the expected result.

Training: we encourage ongoing and permanent training. It is the foundation of La Perfect’s collective progress and of individual improvement.

Our core values


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