A modular semantic platform that collects, ingests, and enriches any kind of data or content. By creating a common reference system, our As-a-Brain Engine can speak your business language and make your data and content accessible to humans.

Key features

Gather all the data in the organization

Thanks to its connectors, Raffiné can ingest any kind of data and gather it in a common reference system.

This allows comparing and making connections between data and content that were previously stored in silos.


Make it understandable for the users

Raffiné is a system that thinks like a Brain.

It speaks your business language and deduces relationships between objects, as a human does using his or her knowledge.

This capacity opens new playgrounds of data exploration and usage!

Information is accessible to humans in the right business context

Once data has been transformed into information, it is immediately available for everyone in the company so your employees can use it for a business objective.

It is fast, accurate and intuitive!


Benefits of the open data community

To enrich your data, we are connected to the Linked Open Data (LOD) network , a most complex Open Semantic Database that makes your data understandable using standards.

No need to enter public information manually like geography, government, life sciences, media, linguistics, etc., the platform gets it for you automatically.

Some use cases

France Television


France biggest broadcast network. Deliver you audience first class VOD UX
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Major European Football Club

Major European Football Club

Transform your archive into brand storytelling
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Bouygues Telecom

Bouygues Telecom

One of the most important French mobile phone,Internet service provider and IPTV company.



Streaming plateform. Accelerate production and audience engagement

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