The Open-Source Ontology Board

Publishing open industrial ontologies

Over the years, Perfect Memory has built up a solid industrial ontology structure in the media vertical through its numerous commercial projects and has decided to put its knowledge at the disposal of the community by publishing it under an open-source license.

Perfect Memory considers the availability of open industrial ontologies as a public good of significant value to the community. This process will be headed by an Open-Source Ontology Board.

Why are ontologies important?

Ontologies are the Rosetta stone of information interoperability. They enable powerful decision-making based on the information they structure. Their objective is to model a domain of knowledge in the set of relevant concepts, their characteristics and their relationships, so they can be understood by both humans and computers.

Using strong and relevant industrial ontologies guarantees:
the completeness of an information model adapted to your business organization
the guarantee of scalability and evolutivity of this model
the technical and operational interoperability of all information shared by all units
the promise for user applications to offer a contextualized access to company knowledge
autonomy for the data and IT teams to adapt the model and systems to evolving needs

ontology media

What do we want to achieve?

The deliverables of the Open-Source project consist of proposing a complete system, based on a coherent set of industrial ontologies and a basic semantic platform. The aim is to enable the knowledge management community to quickly leverage the ontologies and validate the value they bring in addressing concrete industrial use-cases.


This Open-Source project will have four phases: 

1 – Project initialization: Creation of the Project Management Consortium (board, objectives, etc.). 
2 – Publish of all core ontologies under Creative Commons licence: Validation and documentation 
3 – Publication of the core semantic platform and an illustrative application 
4 – Operations: Management of evolutions of the ontological set and core platform 

Meet the Perfect Committee

At the head of the community, we are proud to count in the committee experts recognized in their fields: 

Matthieu Parmentier

Committee Chairman

Head of Data & Artificial Intelligence – France Télévisions

Sally Hubbard

Manager – Sally Hubbard Consulting, former Director Media Management – Public Broadcasting Service

Bruno Bachimont

Professor – Compiègne University of technology (UTC)

Viviane Festjens

Enterprise Architect – Vlaamse Radio- en Televisieomroeporganisatie (VRT)

Alexandre Rouxel

Sr Project Manager Data & AI – European Broadcasting Union (EBU)



Guy Maréchal

System Architect – TITAN Asbl

Raymond Drewry

Principal Scientist – Movielabs


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