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Why become a partner?

As a software editor, our core business is to develop the best software to solve the most complex organisation pain point : data and knowledge management.

After years of research and development, we have designed a five-layers-product to respond to every data management needs across organisations.

We also wrap this technology into packages solutions to address specific uses cases such as Digital Data Management, Media Asset Management or Corporate Social Responsibility monitoring.


You are in contact with clients that struggle with their data management? Too much data, too heterogeneous, too much manual work to fill up metadata?

Here’s where we can help!

We provide a breakthrough innovation to gather all data and make it accessible in a human centric model in the right business context.

What we offer?

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Our modular semantic platform that processes every kind of data of the organisation.

Use to power of semantic technologies to transform data into information accessible to human in the right business context.

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The All-in-one back office that allows you to configure everything in Raffiné™.

A single and easy interface to manage workflows, users, connectors and so much more.

Our Platform Manager has been designed for you!


We provide you a dedicated project success manager to help you design the semantic platform of your client.

He is an ontologist and Raffiné™ specialist at your disposal to help you achieve your mission with success.

The advantages of our products

Automate metadata creation

No repetitive and boring tasks. The machine does it for you. You save time and can concentrate on the analysis of data instead of annotating them manually for future usage.

Infinite applications

By creating links between every king of data and making it accessible to everyone in the organisation, Raffiné™ can be used for a large number of applications such as digital asset management, content services platform, insight platform, CSR monitoring

Fast deployment, fully connectable

With a large number of standard and business connectors, Raffiné™ integrates your IT ecosystem very easily with a soft integration (non invasive).

Thanks to our standards business ontologies,

Technological partners

You provide an innovative technology that allows treating data, some business connectors, cloud services that may enrich our offer or be part of our product.s

Become a partner