Corporate Social Responsability Monitoring

Corporate Social Responsibility Monitoring

The industrialisation of CSR tracing implies the implementation of processes to control direct links and deducing indirect links between suppliers and companies. This, for the purpose of detecting entities potentially non-compliant with the group's social and ecological charter. In particular, the filial links that are not directly visible in the suppliers' identity cards.
Our system can gather heterogenous data from various sources to gather them, and compare them and detect some anormal information that Economic Security Departments must investigate.

Our solution is unique

A DAM that speaks your business language

Retrieve asset based on invisible information

Fast deployment and totally integrated into your ecosystem

Key features

Trouvé ™: a single interface to access all

The business intelligence platform allows access, exploration, consultation and visualisation in all their meta and visualisation in all their meta dimensions.

Trouvé Perfect Memory Product

Main benefits


A single location for the aggregation, storage and referencing of all the documents that make up an investigation with an efficient interface and search system. A lot of time is wasted in searching for information and documents.


An intuitive tool allows the Economic
Security Directorates to preserve, consult, share, complete, resume and reuse its investigations.


Automatic linking of data from publishers relating to the cases you want to investigate.

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What is CSR Monitoring ?

Corporate Social Responsibility is the policy a company puts in place to integrate social and environmental concerns in their activities.
Those engagements can’t be only words.
Shareholders and Clients are sensible to the respect of the commitments companies make to environmental efforts, ethical labor practices, meaningful and respectful actions for humans and earth.

To ensure that the Corporate Social Responsibility is not violated, companies need to monitor it.

The monitoring of the CSR application requires to treat a massive amount of heterogeneous internal and external data.

That’s where Artificial Intelligence and semantics can help by gathering, cross linking and detecting abnormal activities.