Use Case


Global data governance and efficient access for all teams

France Televisions, the leading public service broadcaster with the largest audience in France, faces the challenge of efficiently managing vast amounts of data, documents, and assets across its diverse business units.

To streamline this process and enhance data governance, France Televisions has implemented a cognitive asset management solution.  

Few numbers

National television channels
Regional offices
TV and radio overseas

Key goals


Convert all of data into information 


Make data access intuitive and accurate 


Ensure the editorial integrity of content throughout its lifecycle 

Convert all of data into information

Title, description, broadcast date, age limit, cast… Each TV program is associated with dozens of data items, split across the group’s various departments. These items are essential for content management, and yet they are often difficult to access. 

In conjunction with the main content management departments, we linked up the data sources, standardized the formats, and compiled this information so as to make it available to the teams.  

  • Design of custom solutions based on France TV tools 
  • Content enriched using artificial intelligence 
  • Automatic processing of files (subtitling, cutting into shots, insertion of advertising, generation of thumbnails, etc.) based on business rules 
  • Better data governance 
“Perfect Memory conceives semantics as the exploitation of all data by converting it into information, and therefore the exploitation of a company's knowledge by the people working in it.”

Matthieu Parmentier, Head of Data & IA at France Televisions

Make data access intuitive and accurate 

Doing all this work to homogenize data brings little value if internal teams are unable to use and appropriate the platform they are all working on. It has therefore been designed to be accessible and intuitive. With this custom platform, data managers are autonomous in the way they orchestrate data recovery, data processing and data sharing. 

Introducing the France TV Data Programs platform is also opportunity to increase the accuracy and so the relevance of search results. The idea is that each program can be documented and made use of by any user in a straightforward way.  

  • Optimization of the user experience 
  • Development of a frame-accurate player 
  • Ability to manage a significant quantity of tags 
“Perfect Memory was able to create a BtoB interface as intuitive as a BtoC interface."

Matthieu Parmentier, Head of Data & IA at France Televisions

Ensure the editorial integrity of content throughout its lifecycle

The introduction of data and content lifecycle governance – from creation to monetization, transformation, enrichment and sharing – is a real paradigm shift in the broadcast world. Perfect Memory’s platform covers all of these stages. 

Editorial rights restrictions and their history are available all along the content lifecycle. France Televisions business units can identify in one glance the conditions and periods possible for content usage. Archivists have the right to edit and modify rights for each asset at any time.


  • Preservation of content history 
  • Identification of editorial inconsistencies in the data sent by various sources (title, description, maximum age, etc.) 
  • Differentiated data exposure depending on user access rights 
Our main goal is to bring together all the data entrusted to us by the producers, together with data enriched by our artificial intelligence solutions in order to measure our level of knowledge for each program.”

Matthieu Parmentier, Head of Data & IA at France Televisions

Business KPIs

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Of all group assets and data exposed in the right context to all operational units


Data management cost efficiency


Data integrity guaranteed all along the assets’ lifecycles


Quicker access to assets and data


From raw data to valuable information


From valuable information to optimized exploitation


From optimized exploitation to monetized content

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