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Gartner Reprint KM

Gartner® Research: what technologies should we use for Knowledge Management?

"Knowledge Management (KM) enables different use cases, each of which can be supported by different technologies."
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White Paper Sport

Solve recurring problems in Sports asset management

Discover the solutions to the many challenges faced by sport stakeholders: maintaining the link with the public over time, regaining control of documentary heritage, thinking not in terms of archives but in terms of sport heritage!

White Paper media

Solve recurring problems in Media asset management

Discover what are the major issues and existing solutions to meet the challenges of media content management

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Gartner x Perfect Memory

How to make everyday decisions more efficient and accurate with AI?

ESG: from isolated data to corporate governance

How to best manage and supervise the implementation of an ESG strategy. 

Bouygues Telecom's use case

Identifying new business levers through semantic technologies!

The usage of Knowledge Graph & ontologies in real-life


Gartner's and France Television's testimony

Perfect webinar cover

How Wikidata and the LOD can be used as assets in business applications

And serve content catalogues and end-users.

"I want to find clips of a happy Lebron James with a yellow jersey!"

Every Business department produce data that could serve the business... if only these data were reconciled!

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