Solve recurring problems in sports asset management

How we love sport! The uncertainty of its results, the beauty of its gestures, the dramatic stakes
it carries… Whether in public events or behind the scenes, sport is an activity that is widely
captured by cameras, broadcast on screens… preserved over time?
Whether for the passionate public, the sports institution or the broadcaster, who has never
encountered the difficulty of finding that precise video moment that thrilled the fans, that
particular moment captured behind the scenes or that specific game action?
There are many challenges: maintaining the link with the audience over time, regaining control
of documentary assets, thinking not in terms of archives but in terms of sports assets!

What you will find in this white paper :

  • Introduction
  • Issue 1: Data is not enough
  • Issue n°2: do not put automatic indexing and human documentation in competition
  • Issue 3: Bringing together heterogeneous information
  • Issue 4: Diversity of exploitation rights
  • Conclusion: Sports memory – storage is not preservation