Use Case


Create a powerful sales portal
to monetize multimedia content

M6 is one of the major television networks in France and is part of the M6 Group, which also includes other channels and media outlets. It is known for its diverse programming and is one of the leading television channels in the country.

Few numbers

years of existence
owned TV channels
millions of viewers

Key goals


Quickly improve existing tools 


Catalog and sell a large volumes of content


Improve the search experience for external users

Quickly improve existing tools

As the M6 group strives to keep pace in an evolving and increasingly demanding context, it is becoming urgent to equip itself with a more efficient asset management tool.

Managing tens of thousands of multimedia resources requires an efficient solution that is adaptable to rapidly changing content consumption patterns. 

To successfully develop a new generation of M6 Video Bank plateform, we brought together archivists, documentalists, and technical experts, in under six months, this agile collaboration (that involved 15-day sprints) yielded a platform connected to the group’s DAM, adapted to the needs of both M6’s teams and external users. 

  • POC in one week 
  • Platform delivered in six months 
  • Custom development (extraction and semantic mapping of sound, information layout, more flexible player, etc.) 
We were thrilled with the first POC that was offered to us in under a week, and with the efforts to which the team went in order to deliver this first pilot."

Martine Carouge, Head of Resources, Content Sales and Rights at M6

Catalog and sell a large volumes of content

The M6’s objectives was to opt for a crafting a robust sales portal designed to maximize the monetization of multimedia content. This dynamic platform not only enhances the client’s ability to showcase and distribute their diverse range of multimedia assets but also provides a seamless and engaging experience for potential buyers.

Through advanced features and intuitive navigation, our solution empowers the client to efficiently market and monetize their content, ensuring a powerful and revenue-driven digital presence in the ever-evolving landscape of multimedia commerce.

Perfect Memory's Cognitive Media Asset Management is simply amazing in search. So we decided to place our faith in them to develop a sales portal as well."

Martine Carouge, Head of Resources, Content Sales and Rights at M6

Improve the search experience for external users

M6 has acquired a powerful tools through our solution to handle its media assets. The group’s media content is therefore extremely rich in metadata. This richness, combined with our semantic technology, has enabled us to take asset search to the next level in terms of relevance

The result: search results that meet the exact needs of M6’s in-house teams and BtoB users of the sales portal. 

  • Enriched content (video, sound, image, graphic documents, etc.) 
  • Semantic links for results that are more relevant 
  • Search results in 595.32 ms 
Perfect Memory's semantic links mean that the results to queries will be both extremely relevant and rich. It will clearly boost our sales.

Martine Carouge, Head of Resources, Content Sales and Rights at M6

Business KPIs

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+500 000

assets under management

x 2

of turnover in 2 years


months only of set up


From raw data to valuable information


From valuable information to optimized exploitation


From optimized exploitation to monetized content

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Perfect Memory is a Knowledge Operating System. 

We’ve designed a collaborative and scalable solution to solve the most important content issues facing businesses: asset management to preserve, enhance and monetize content.

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