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The International Governing Body of Biathlon is a organization overseeing the global governance of biathlon, a demanding winter sport that combines cross-country skiing and rifle shooting. With a mission to promote and develop biathlon worldwide.

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Maximize visibilty and engagement 


Efficient content management


Seamless collaborative
work tool 

Maximize visibility and engagement

To address the International Governing Body of Biathlon’s imperative to increase global visibility and engagement of its content, they need a solution seamlessly integrated with their existing tools. They opted for an advanced semantic platform that improves accessibility to media content, ensuring partners can easily mobilize and showcase biathlon events accross traditional distribution networks and social media platforms.

The end-users (digital team, community manager, athletes, broadcasters…) need a tool that allows them to easily capitalize and reuse, over the long-term, all the content already produced (more thant 28 000 hours per year). 

Efficient content management

A critical challenge faced by the International Governing Body of Biathlon lies in selecting a solution that aligns seamlessly with user requirements. It’s paramount for this organization whose content production is substantial. 

Empowering teams with a tangible solution means ensuring efficiency and productivity in managing large content volumes. By leveraging a semantic approach, they are able to catalog every element of content generated during events, ensuring intelligent organization for easy retrieval and long-term reuse.

The solution not only addresses accessibility and content management needs but also empowers IBU to extract enduring value from its extensive media assets. 

Seamless collaborative work tool

Tailoring our platform to diverse user structures within the International Governing Body of Biathlon, we prioritize collaboration by offering a versatile work tool.

This user-centric approach enhances teamwork and communication, enabling teams to work efficiently irrespective of roles or locations. The platform’s adaptive features promote internal adaptability, fostering an environment for effective idea sharing, discussion, and implementation. This optimization empowers the organization to achieve its mission with heightened effectiveness.


From raw data to valuable information


From valuable information to optimized exploitation


From optimized exploitation to monetized content

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