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Major European Football Club

Turn your archives into brand storytelling

This leading sports club with four different disciplines (Men’s Football, Women’s Football, Handball and Judo), used semantic technology to transform its multimedia archives into genuine brand assets. 

The company integrates a complete digital team  of journalists, editors and archivists. 

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of fans all around the world
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years of archives



Making content quickly accessible


Improving end-users experience


Delivering precise content in line with the strategy

Making content quickly accessible

Europe’s biggest football club need to be able to easily retrieve their content and archives for a number of reasons. Firstly, effective archivigng ensures historical documentation of the club’s achievements, and key events, providing a valuable resource for all audiences (members, sponsors and partners, supporters, journalists etc). 

Rapid content retrieval is also essential for media engagement, as it enables the club to share highlights, interviews, and memorable moments with its audience very quickly, fostering fan loyalty and community support. Overall, the seamless retrieval of content and archives is integral to the club’s identity, performance optimization, and sustained success.

Improving end-users experience

One of the major concerns is to keep on the  experience. A user-centric approach ensures that the user can navigate, locate, and use the desired resources efficiently.

A well-designed user experience simplifies the process of uploading, searching, and retrieving multimedia content, saving time and improving productivity.

A user-friendly interface fosters collaboration and encourages broader engagement, as team members can seamlessly access and exploit multimedia resources within their respective functions.

By prioritizing the user experience, our cognitive resources management solution, becomes not only a repository, but also a dynamic tool that empowers users, streamlines workflows, and contributes to the overall business success.

Deliveringaccurate content in line with the strategy

Accuracy ensures that content is consistent with the organization’s brand identity, message and overall objectives.

Consistency in content presentation contributes to a persistant and recognizable brand image, reinforcing public trust. Relevant content promotes effective communication. Whether for internal use or external distribution, the major European soccer club needed a tool to convey accurate information, ensure that its content was reliable and up-to-date, reduce the time spent searching for correct information and prevent the use of obsolete or incorrect assets.

Aligning its content with a media asset management strategy ensures that the organization’s message remains effective, trustworthy, and aligned with strategy.


From raw data to valuable information


From valuable information to optimized exploitation


From optimized exploitation to monetized content

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Deliver accurate content in line with the strategy