Use Case

Radio France

Reconcile heterogeneous data
to serve the business

Radio France is one of major public service broadcasters in France, providing radio and online services. 

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Key goals


Data consolidation and reconciliation


Centralized and immediat access to content 


Interconnection of all media content

Data consolidation and reconciliation

Radio France expresses a primary need to bring together diverse data types from various sources.

The MediaData project aims to serve as a central hub, reconciling and transforming this data into meaningful information that aligns with the language and needs of the business teams.

The focus is on centralizing metadata related to On Air management, web publication information, and diffusion logs.

The automatic indexing of content enhances accessibility for production and archiving, emphasizing the importance of a reconciliation base defined by the business team’s language.

The content is now automatically indexed and made available for production and archiving with reconciled information, thereby expanding the access points for obtaining this information.

Centralized and immediate access to content

Radio France emphasizes the importance of centralized and immediate access to enriched content for business teams. They choose a solution with a graphical user interface, designed for operational efficiency and user enjoyment.

The search engine is dynamic, utilizing facets and filters fed by reconciled data from various production, distribution, and publication systems. The highly indexed audio recordings, aided by extraction services, enable quick and efficient navigation.

Automatic speech transcription and named entity recognition further enhance the search experience, allowing for detailed exploration and analysis within the content.

Interconnection of all media content

They also highlights the need to interconnect different types of multimedia content as video, audio, image etc.

The MediaData project automatically links broadcasted audio programs to related multimedia content using common information.

This integration improves user navigation and harmonizes content across different mediums.

The client underscores the importance of a rich indexation environment, incorporating Radio France dictionaries, thesauri, and shared standards.

This interconnected approach extends to improving exchanges with production teams, enabling users to save and share extracts while exporting content to connected production tools.

The overarching goal is to shift from a traditional archiving logic to a more dynamic asset management approach.

Business KPIs

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Consistency and centralization of 6 non communicating data sources

3 business-oriented automatic extraction tools collaborates 

6 months of Inter, Info and Culture content, 2,000 episodes, 150,000 indexed  sentences,  160,000 referenced entities 

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Validation of the agility of the solution through the iterative process of taking into account business needs over 4 months of discussions


From raw data to valuable information


From valuable information to optimized exploitation


From optimized exploitation to monetized content

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