Use Case

RTL Belgium

Improve and automate
the media supply chain

RTL Belgium gathers more than 6 production and archive departments, each dedicated to a specific production : TV news TV fiction, series and documentaries ; Infographics ; Radio production ; Web replay and VOD ; Pictures database ; Legacy archiving system.

A few numbers…

TV channels
Radio stations
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TV viewership
radio listenership

Key goals


Improve the media production chain


Accelerate the media production and delivery cycle


Cross-search content across all production environment sources


Share content and knowledge between business teams and the audience


Ensure all editorial restrictions are tracked and always up-to-date


Business-driven and groundbreaking user experience

Collect and Enrich Data

TV and Radio production systems feed the cognitive asset management solution in real-time, transforming data into actionable information.

Data coming from heterogeneous databases are collected, collated and transformed into comprehensible information, bridging the gap and providing a common language across different business teams. Through the cogntive asset management interface, data added by a TV operator in the News Production system becomes accessible, understandable and reusable by a radio editor from another team.

Content is also automatically indexed (Named Entity Recognition, Speech-to-text analysis, …) providing the final users with additional entry points.

Make choices

The Knowledge Operating System comes with reasoning capacities.

It provides the cognitive asset management solution with the ability to assist the business teams on making decisions. Below is an example of how high-level business rules defined by RTL Belgium archivists are interpreted and implemented by the cognitive asset management solution. If a video does not have a a proxy in high resolution then it is not available for broadcasting but it can be used for production. 

Some production teams hold exclusive rights to their programs `for a period of 15 days and thus should not be used by other teams within this time (editors, journalists, producers, …). Reuters Rushes can be used under specific conditions after a given delay.

The Knowledge Operating System makes choices and helps RTL Belgium business teams make their own.

Make It Available for Everyone

Once the content is collated and enriched, it becomes immediately available in our groundbreaking Graphical User Interface.

A Powerful Rights Management

Editorial restrictions are automatically tracked throughout the content lifecycle. Video editors know what they can use, when they can use them, and under which conditions. Identify contents with compliant restrictions and take advantage of the opportunity to reuse them.

A Full Integration with EVS Systems

The solution is connected to EVS production ecosystem for both ingest and export operations. The latest version of the cognitive asset management solution is natively compliant with VIA, the very new EVS Newsroom platform.

RTL business teams can Play, Index and Exploit their EVS Media Assets within the MAM.

Business KPIs

+ 0 %
Recommendation accuracy
+ 0 %
Savings on Data Management costs
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Increase in TV News viewership due to video editors having access to more diversse and varied shots suggested by the MAM

New Content Pricing schemes have been identified


From raw data to valuable information


From valuable information to optimized exploitation


From optimized exploitation to monetized content

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