Digital Asset Management (DAM)

Welcome to the era of the DAM-as-a-brain

We crafted a new generation of Digital Asset Management systems, DAM-as-a-Brain, which can refine and execute cognitive processing on content. Our DAM-as-a-Brain technology allows you to collect, interpret, and transform any data and content into natively exploitable assets for operational teams and their ecosystems. We guarantee quick, intuitive, and exhaustive access to data and content, regardless of their nature or origin, to our users. Scalable and customizable, Raffiné™, our software platform, facilitates its setup to be the closest possible to your business needs.

Our solution is unique

A DAM system that speaks your business language

Retrieve assets based on invisible information

Fast deployment, fully integrated into your ecosystem

Key features

Facets search engine

Based on your business language, our search engine can retrieve any information.

Thanks to metadata auto-completion and deduced relationships, you can filter the results according to your specific criteria to quickly retrieve the information you’re looking for.

Navigate through your assets

Based on our business connectors, which extract additional information though AI, the Timeline is a powerful tool used to identify a specific sequence in a video.

Information workflows

Based on fully configurable workflows and rights management, you can share content with other users in the organization for future use.

Extract content to any channel

Select the asset or sequence you wish to extract and export it to your business tools such as Adobe Premiere, or to social media, etc.

Main benefits


By gathering all your information in one unique place and reference system, you can cross information from multiple sources and extract value from it.


Thanks to ten years of dedicated effort on user experience, we can make the search for a specific information as fast and as accurate as possible.

Plus, the UI of Trouvé™ is fully customizable, depending on the application you need.


No need to ask IT or Archive to extract information with a complex workflow.

The intuitive interface gives you the power to retrieve and exploit any information you have access to for your mission.


Data governance is a major challenge in organizations.

Trouvé™ integrates a complete Rights Management system that directly shows you the associate credential to an asset.

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What is a Digital Asset Management ?

A Digital Asset Management (DAM) solution helps centralize, organize, manage, and distribute all the digital assets of an organization to optimize workflows and boost productivity.

With content marketing and digitizing of offline content, we are witnessing an explosion in digital content of all kinds. Digital Asset Management is the most efficient answer to this profusion of digital assets.

Digital Asset Management is a business process that allows companies to easily store, access and share their media content and digital assets.

Digital Asset Management platforms were created to address the need for a way to manage the ever-growing amount of data produced or retrieved by businesses. These platforms can manage all different kinds of content and documents and turn them into truly exploitable assets for your company.

Who needs a DAM solution?

Any company owning a database, but also anyone who needs to optimize digital content will benefit from DAM software. Every department of a company can optimize its workflow and increase productivity thanks to Digital Asset Management: Creative teams can retrieve their files much faster; sales teams can access the most relevant resources from anywhere, benefit from more efficient business processes, etc.

DAM systems are now enriched with collaborative modules, making them accessible to businesses of all sizes, in B2B as well as B2C sectors.