Dedicated to integrators and in-house IT teams, it allows you to take control of your semantic platform.

Key features


Make data easily accessible and accurate:

  • Installation and updates by packages
    Removal of software incompatibilities

Ensure secure browsing by fine-tuning user rights.
One point storage : natively compatible with all storage tools.
Easy monitoring of the platform’s uses (metrics to identify workflow needs).


Customize the interface to meet the specific needs and usages of your organization.

The user keeps full control and trust of the tool:

  • An ontology adapted to the business model and natively compatible with the outside.
  • The user is not locked in by the ontology.

Inference and reasoning rules optimize the graphs accessed by the end user.

Better adoption by the end users :

  • Aligning the user experience with business needs
  • Full control of indexing for a better search results relevance
  • An always accurate data base with the personalisation of the information coming from open data.

Customisation of treatments and services aligning with the business needs :

  • Watermarking, concatenation, production assistant for the content exploitation
  • AI services adapted (speech to text, text and visual analysis, named entity recognition
  • Configuration of the views on the graph, semantic cutter)


Graphic configuration of workflow scheduling (ingest, export, treatments) :

  • For a quick and visual configuration of treatments.

Execution and validation of the workflows :

  • Analysis of every link in the chain.

Maximum access and compatibility :

  • Semantic web standards empowering autonomy


Development facilitator :

  • SDK for ingests, exports and processing to facilitate integration : frameworks to easily develop inbound and outbound connectors.
  • Knowledge builder : Integration of any content, reconciliation of heterogeneous data with no code.

Some use cases

France Television


France biggest broadcast network. Deliver you audience first class VOD UX
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Major European Football Club

Major European Football Club

Transform your archive into brand storytelling
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Bouygues Telecom

Bouygues Telecom

One of the most important French mobile phone,Internet service provider and IPTV company.



Streaming plateform. Accelerate production and audience engagement

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