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Perfect Memory’s wishes for 2022

A vision for 2022 guided by rapid growth in our operations and our talent pool

As we enter 2022, Perfect Memory is looking forward to raising its image as a major player in the AI market.
And to manage this goal, to become a leader in the innovation game, our business objectives are crystal clear. By establishing a solid network of sales partners, and expanding our customer base, we will be able to address these challenges.

We will continue to develop and structure our sales and marketing teams as our operations teams deliver qualitative client experience.

If we had three top wishes for 2022 …

Our three main wishes are focused on:

  1. Our talents:
    We want our talented personnel to feel good and have fun while doing their job at Perfect Memory. We greatly value a happy work experience. We wish to bring more talented people into this data science adventure in 2022.

  2. Our clients:
    Satisfying clients has always been a priority, but we are determined to carry on developing solutions that perfectly fit their needs, in terms of services and products. This involves a deep connection between us, to listen and better address clients’ requests, and to embrace their purpose and vision. 

  3. International leadership:
    The AI market is growing pretty fast and so is our ambition. 2022 is the year we want to lead this market internationally, as an innovative and creative data science company.

This data science journey is just beginning!

As the progress made in data science continues to change how we live and work, artificial intelligence is the greatest masterpiece in the media field.

Understanding of how to work with data is growing fast. Here lies the opportunity to be a major player on the stage of the democratisation of data science.