Big Data, Big Multimedia, your Challenge 

Increase the traction of your catalogs


Broadcasters have to cope with heterogeneous systems and open new publishing channels to increase the traction and the exposure of their catalogs of multimedia content.

Become a media-brand


Red Bull showed with the Baumgartner’ stratospheric jump that monitoring their own communication is strategic. Brands act as media-brands to lead the broadcasting of their message.

Structure and expose the catalogs


Institutions face the opportunity to use the Semantic Web and Open Data platforms in order to structure and better expose their inventories.

 To address your Needs 

Our scalable and seamless Semantic Middleware is packaged into three products, addressing all a specific need profile.


Accointance is a Media Asset Management Over the Top. It consists in a set of business modules for catalog owners. It provides a transversal access to any sources of data. It works as a unique entry point to search, to tag, to enrich and to manage any content no matter its storage.

Accointance is ideally suited for Broadcasters and Media-brands.


Communauté is a content management, enrichment and publishing platform for communities ( Administrations and Associations). It provides with content crowd annotation and indexing functionalities.

Communauté is ideally suited for Media-Brands, institutions and associations.


Patrimoine is an all in one product to manage and value digital heritage and inventory. It provides a back-office to manage the inventories and a portal to publish and display the catalogs.

Patrimoine is ideally suited for Heritage owners (Museum, Associations and Public Administrations).

 To address your Constraints 

Three deployment scenarios are proposed


When deployed IN SITU, our solutions are integrated within your intranet infrastructure. You then have the choice between platform administration by Perfect Memory or by your own team.


When HOSTED, all services are managed and monitored by Perfect Memory. You enjoy all functionalities without investing in more skill and hardware.


In HYBRID mode, you choose which modules need to be deployed in your infrastructure and which ones need to be remotely monitored by Perfect Memory.


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