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Salto, a leading Video-On-Demand (VOD) plateform, created by french television groups (France Televisions, TF1 and M6), has acquired a cognitive asset management solution to boost its development. 

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Key goals


Data management optimisation


Rights management compliance


Information access to departments

Data management optimisation

The primary goal for Salto’s team is to efficiently manage data by centralizing and standardizing diverse content types (like video, stream, covers, synopsis…). The aim is to make this information interoperable, ensuring its seamless integration accross various processes from content creation, enrichment, exploitaiton to mutli-plateform delivery.   

They have opted for a unique business solution offering an intuitive content search and suggestion experience, as well as agnostic integration with content creation, enrichment, exploitation and multi-platform delivery processes.  

Marketing and communication departments can now focus on value-added work, while the plateform automates time-consuming tasks. 

Rights management compliance

For its own marketing and communication campaigns, Salto merges several of its assets to create covers and videos that are exported to social media.

This requires careful management of cross-editorial rights to ensure the integrity and reusability of the produced content at all times.

They need a platform that automatically propagates rights to merged assets and makes constraints explicit to users. 

Information access to departments

Allowing rapid access and retrieval of the group’s entire media content, regardless of its format, weight or original storage location was an another strong objective of the team.

By choosing a unique and powerful media hub, they choose efficiency in information access, avoiding duplication of unnecessary content and allows better use of existing content. 

“For us, the great thing about the plateform is that it offered a mature Cognitive Asset Management solution designed to meet the expectations of Resources, Production, Marketing and Communication departments, but also an agile tool that leverages artificial intelligence."

Hugues Blondet, Head of DAM at Salto 

Business KPIs

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Accuracy in content recommendations

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Content management


From raw data to valuable information


From valuable information to optimized exploitation


From optimized exploitation to monetized content

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