Media Asset Management (MAM)

Welcome to the era of the MAM-as-a-brain

Fully integrated in your video production workflow, our MAM-as-a-Brain allows you to process, enrich and search for your content. Our MAM-as-a-Brain helps archivists and journalists save time by auto-generating metadata. Our powerful search engine allows you to find the exact sequence you were looking for, fast.

Our solution is unique


Fully integrated into your ecosystem


Archives and fresh rushes in the same storage tool


Use of your business language for incredible search efficiency

Key features

Navigate through your assets

Based on our business connectors, which extract additional information though AI, the Timeline is a powerful tool used to identify a specific sequence in a video.

Results display and quick view

The results of your search can be viewed in Gallery mode or List mode. Sorted by accuracy, the system provides you with the best results based on the interpretation of your content by our AI.

You can check the important information in one click thanks to the Quick View. To save time, the document can be viewed in place.

Moment searching and tagging

At any time, you can save any selection within a media piece (video, audio) as a Moment, immediately searchable and retrievable.

These tags are very convenient for later searches.


Cross-reference your criteria to find all occurrences of appearance or mention at the same time.

This is a game changer when you are looking for the exact sequence from which an image was extracted. “A killer feature” according to our clients.

Search by editorial rights

The editorial rights search ensures access to usable content.

Using the “Rights” facet allows you to quickly filter the content with restricted access and diffusion.

Main benefits

FULLY INTEGRATED IN YOUR WORK ENVIRONMENT Thanks to its connector, our Mam-as-a-Brain solution is fully integrated in your work environment. Working with the most common PAM on the Market like EVS, our MAM system integrates into your asset production workflow.


Thanks to ten years of dedicated effort on user experience, we can make the search for a specific information as fast and as accurate as possible.

Plus, the UI of Trouvé™ is fully customizable, depending on the application you need.


No need to ask IT or Archive to extract information with a complex workflow.

The intuitive interface gives you the power to retrieve and exploit any information you have access to for your mission.


Data governance is a major challenge in organizations.

Trouvé™ integrates a complete Rights Management system that directly shows you the associate credential to an asset.

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What is a Media Asset Management?

Media Asset Management (MAM) is the smartest way to organize, distribute and license a company’s media assets, including high-quality photos, video files and more. This business process consists in analyzing media files to understand every component, with automatic tagging and categorizing to facilitate retrieval for future use.

Media Asset Management helps companies streamline their media management by keeping track of their assets. It offers highly efficient storage and processing capabilities to help businesses easily find and exploit all content at their disposal.

Media Asset Management solutions are ideal to manage high-volume multimedia files. They are perfectly fitted to the needs of media companies: TV channels, radio stations, broadcasters, catalog owners, etc. But these platforms can also be used by any company that needs to manage large numbers of media files, regardless of size or industry, in order to make them searchable.

What are media assets?

Any media file or document that is exploitable by a company is a media asset. That includes rushes, documentaries, film clips, but also photos, audio files, and all the different file types that can represent broadcast material.

Businesses that use video and multimedia content daily cannot settle for the old folder and subfolder system: Beyond a certain volume of media-rich files, a media asset management platform becomes essential to save hours of searching through all of your uploaded content.