Restful API

Interrogé™ is a restful API to allow your own developments to interact with Raffiné™, our Semantics Insight Engine. It allows developers to access and use the power of Raffiné™ through dedicated endpoints and roots.

Key features

An Open API to Access the Semantic Graph

An open API to access the semantic graph

Any content and data ingested by Raffiné™ becomes available through the Interrogé™ API.

Editorial, technical, legal, and business data can be requested.

Any type of content and format can be found.

The asset can be searched, browsed and found using our As-a-Brain search service (full text, Semantic Facets, Semantic Intersections, etc.).

An open API to write the semantic graph

To push new information and business rules into the semantic graph that handles and indexes the data and content ingested and refined in Raffiné™.

Editorial, technical, legal, and business data can be updated.

User Access Management

User access management

Assets can be associated with one or multiple user group(s).

User groups grant the rights that are attached to the users they are linked to.

The rules specify the type of CRUD transactions allowed on the asset. These rules will be configured at the start of the project to reflect your users’ specifications.

Main benefits


Intuitive, direct, and fast access to the contextualized business knowledge.

Use of client business vocabulary.

Exhaustive direct access to any grain of information.


Quick search and find of assets and knowledge.

Semantic filtering to access contextualization information and data.

FULL INTEROPERABILITY Interrogé™ enables full, seamless interoperability of Raffiné™ with any system.


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