Use Case

Bouygues Telecom

Take possession of your data
thanks to Artificial Intelligence

Bouygues Telecom, the second best network in France, is now able to leverage the full potential of data from its various departments. 

Few numbers…

data employees'
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FTTH customers
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mobile customers
cities covered by 5G

Key goals


Identify the sources of value 


Multiply the use cases to enhance the value of all the data produced


Become autonomous in the development of new use cases 

Identifying the sources of value through collective intelligence

The potential of dormant knowledge across the vast quantities of customer and network infrastructure data processed each year by a company such as Bouygues Telecom is undeniable.

To access this value, powerful technology is essential, but is not sufficient. It is the company’s employees – through their explicit and tacit knowledge – who hold the key to unlocking all this potential.

Perfect Memory supports its clients throughout this collective intelligence phase, helping them to fully leverage semantic technology.

  • Design Thinking workshops by business area (Marketing, HR, etc.) 
  • Identifying use cases 
  • Six use cases identified 
My primary concern lies in the value that we can find with data, and above all what purpose we can find in it. Advance knowledge of the business, support decision-making, increase the value of our actions.” 

Christophe Modard, Head of Data & Consumer Governance at Bouygues Telecom 

Increasing the numbers of use cases to enhance the value of all the data

Logistical savings, customer satisfaction, teams’ operational efficiency… The use cases that arise from semantic technology are proportional to the volume and diversity of the data available. With 20 million customer contracts, more than 8,000 employees, and 500 points of sale, the unstructured data collected by Bouygues Telecom’s data scientists has so far enabled them to identify six use cases.   
  • Reduced churn rate 
  • Better acquisition rate 
  • Rationalized user database 
“At Bouygues Telecom, we process around 250 data use cases per year, of which 20 % are currently based on artificial intelligence.” 

Pascal Cervoni, Service Architecture Manager at Bouygues Telecom 

Becoming autonomous in developing new use cases

When a new source of value is discovered with semantic technology, it is common to want to continue digging to exploit its full potential. Perfect Memory helps teams to use its technology and to put in place collective intelligence mechanisms so that they can do so. 

  • Training in semantic technology 
  • Autonomy and data mapping 
  • Independence in developing new use cases 
“The whole approach behind Perfect Memory involves outsourcing its expertise. The businesses have all the knowledge they need to add value to our tool, so we train them to be able to do this independently."

Cédric Klein, Chief Operating Officer at Perfect Memory

Business KPIs


Business departments involved
in the design thinking process 


Months of implementation
from ideation to use


From raw data to valuable information


From valuable information to optimized exploitation


From optimized exploitation to monetized content

Discover Perfect Memory

Perfect Memory is a Knowledge Operating System. 

We’ve designed a collaborative and scalable solution to solve the most important content issues facing businesses: asset management to preserve, enhance and monetize content.

Thanks to our powerful and agnostic technology, which combines the best of semantic AI and Knowledge Graph, all professionals can truly unleash the power of their data and content. 

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