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What is the purpose of the Perfect Commons Community ?

The acceleration of the dissemination of knowledge, must be based on normative standards, to improve the interoperability of data.

For 10 years, Perfect Memory has been a committed player in the development of ontologies, used in its cognitive platform as a data reconciliation model. These models are built in collaboration with business experts, and aim to standardise the structuring of knowledge within an industry.

Today, Perfect Memory provides the community with its « Semantic Core System », an industrial ontology dedicated to the world of media. This ontology is a continuation of the work undertaken by the UER/EBU (European Broadcasting Union), which has already standardised three ontologies in this domain, namely CCDM [EBU-Class Conceptual Data Model], EBU-Core “Metadata Set” and MCBO&P [EBU-Modelling Core Business Objects and Processes].

The objective of the Open-source Industrial Ontologies Community will be to enrich this open-source ontological heritage, by proposing new development of existing ontologies, based on the business knowledge provided by each of its members.

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