Our as-a-brain technology

We connect both AI branches

We crafted a Semantic Micro-Services Platform that handles Content Services, Digital and Media Asset Management of distributed, heterogeneous data flows and makes them available to a large range of users.

Our Technology-As-a-Brain implements semantics technologies to restore to the businesses their direct access to the data and business objects.

Our innovation is to connect both IA branches i.e. Deep Learning and semantic processing of the data and content:

  • IA processing observes, analyses and detects information,
  • Semantic elevates the information into knowledge. It uses the operational context of the data and content in order to interpret and extract knowledge out of it.

We speak your business language

We use semantic to setup a living data model and business processing model based on your business rules and your business language.

The ontology is the corner stone of our technology provides a description of your business rules and vocabulary that give our engine the ability to transform data into business knowledge: usable understandable and exploitable by both humans and machine.

A cognitive platform that reveals the invisible

The relationship into your assets: Our Technology-As-A-Brain deduces relationships between your data, your business objects and your content.

The implicit business rules and processes: Through inferences, like a brain would do, the Semantic AI interprets data using your business language and your business rules. It deduces implicit information to make them explicit.

Thanks to AI processes such as Speech to Text, Natural language processing, Video analysis, … Data is analysed and information is tagged. It creates a 360° vision of the Data for any of your business stakeholder, all descriptive information is now available as metadata of the element directly in the system.

The obvious indexing info: Save your time and money our platform automates your manual processes (indexing of the data and content, metadata, short and long description creation)!

Reconnect teams, reconnect line of business​

Data management projects are first human centric with IT as technical support.

Data is of essential for all organisations, regardless of who the sponsor is, a successful project must be of benefit to all the businesses.

Our as-a-Brain products and technology eases the interaction and cooperation between every stakeholder (from the Sales and Marketing, to the IT throughout Legal and Quality validation) to address continuous evolving of the business needs.

You waste time in describing

We integrate your business environment

Our as-a-Brain technology comes with APIs and business connectors that ensure an easy, fast and cost-effective integration into your environment.

It delivers a unique capacity to continuously evolve in time with your infrastructure and your ecosystem.

At the opposite of the common stiff products of the market our product eases any migration, integration or digital transformation projects.

The reference listing, Semantic Data Model and business processes can be improved, enhanced at any moment of the life cycle of the platform.

By design, the platform allows to continuously test, adjust, enhance and deploy the governance of  data and content for 100% alignment with evolving business needs.

Our Platform is compliant with any of the major Cloud Services (Microsoft, Google, Amazon, Tencent,…). It on the top of your existing Data sources or Data Lake to enhance the Data and make it available to every department into your organization.

Our solutions


The new generation of Digital Asset Management.

By creating a common reference system and automating the meta data creation, we enhance the productivity.

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We create wonderful medias, we help you increase their usage by your team and you return on investment.

Our platform integrates into your video production workflow.

It merges the best of Semantic, Business Process modeling, DAM and Right Management to boost your teams’ productivity and provide a  common reference for the company’s stakeholder

It create a common reference listing and a user centric catalogs of product to boost the users productivity and speed up the access and publishing of the catalogs of content.

Corporate Social Responsibility Monitoring

A solution to monitor the application by your suppliers of your Corporate Social Responsibility.

Our As-A-Brain Technology implements an insight engine that automates the monitoring of your Company Social Responsibility.
It enhances and enriches the monitoring of your suppliers, reduce your brand exposure, improve you trust in your suppliers.

Anti Bribery Anti Corruption

Our As-A-Brain Technology implements an insight engine that automates & pilotes your anti bribery and anti-corruption operations. 

It enhances and enriches the monitoring of your suppliers, reduce your brand exposure, improve you trust in your suppliers.

Detect some collusion between your employees and suppliers.
As-a-Brain technology implemented for Insight Engine deduces hidden relations and make alerts to your compliance department to ensure that there are no abnormalities.

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