A powerful UI to search and access all assets based on native business language. As intuitivity experience of a consumer portal with no compromise on features required by professionals.

Trouvé™ is your user interface to navigate, search, explore, extract, update and enrich any data content ingested and refined by Raffiné™!

Key features

Razor sharp search engine


Based on your business language, our search engine allow a fast simple text search with high performance autocompletion for optimum experience and direct access to every information.

Filter the results down to the specifics you need in your context thanks to our dynamically facets generated based on existing or inferred – revealed – data.

Navigate through your assets


Based on our business connectors that extract additional information though AI, the Timeline is a powerful tool to identify one specific sequence of a video.

At every moment, view and access the right data relevant to your context either through the screens.

Get insights from the dashboard


The dashboard provides you a direct glance to all relevant insights from the data managed by the platform.

Using the same business filters, access quickly to statistics about your objects and content refining the criterias to obtain exactly the information you need !



Based on fully configurable workflows and right management, you can share content with other users in the organisation for a future exploitation.

Main benefits

IMPROVE YOUR PERFORMANCEAfter 10 years of dedicated efforts on user experience, we do the research of information as fast and as accurate as possible.Plus, The UI of Trouvé™ is fully customisable to fit your needs.


Get rid of the bottlenecks in your business workflows. Empower the users and provide a direct intuitive access to any piece of content, any bit of knowledge and any data available into Raffiné™.


Data governance is a major challenge in organisations. Trouvé™ integrates a complete rights management system that guarantee a strict and effective compliance with your legal and business constraints.

Our solutions

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