Piloté™ is the administration tool to configure Raffiné™ and Trouvé™. Dedicated to integrators and in-house IT teams, it allows you to take control of your semantic platform.

Key features

Configure the applications


You can configure the front-end interface, the back-end and the connectors in a few clicks with a human-oriented visual interface.

Pack a new environment


You can easily create a new environment and make it available to deploy for your customer.

Manage workflows


Thanks to the administration tool, you can view, modify, delete, add executable workflows for a specific environment.

Main benefits



By giving you the ability to configure everything, your team are autonomous to customise, adjust and fine-tune your semantic platform.


With a user-centric UX, the administration is really to take in hands. No advanced training or technical skill is needed.


Piloté™ gives you control on your platform and guaranties 100% alignment with your ever evolving business needs.

Our solutions

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