Discover the Cognitive Asset Management solution with Trouvé™. A user-friendly interface to navigate, search, explore, extract, update and enrich any data or content.

Key features



Make your data easily accessible and accurate:

  • Search by meaning and not only rigid data,
  • Natively multilingual,
  • Alias and multi labels
  • Reveal of hidden informations

Finding precisely the exact video or audio sequence looked for in one click.

Make a complex search comfortable with combined filters.


Create links and interconnections between content instead of meaningless metadata.

  • Ontology approach for a business contextualisation of the platform,
  • Automatically reconcile any type of data and harmonise the information:
  • Apply very fine temporal tags (audio and video) to the timeline and spatial tags to photos and texts.



The search is adapted to the context:

  • Asset based vs file based,
  • Access to the information directly and not to all its formats,

The exploration is very fluid:

  • Fun timeline to walk through the content,
  • Jump from one content to another suggested by your business axes,

Get only very valuable informations (with your user profile).

Be aware of new informations thanks to a very graphic metrics visualisation.



Any type of document and file: video, audio, image, text…Batch upload from web interface, ingest from existing cloud storage and on premise systems. Metadata extraction and automatic file conversion for new material versions.


No more tedious tasks thanks to open data and AI analysis tools:

  • Save time and relevance with native accounting,
  • 100% control of the information you want to use,
  • AI tools speak the business language for context-sensitive enrichment.


Export formatted for the target recipient automatically:

  • Control access and temporality of visible documents by recipients.

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