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While we may not notice it, every single conversation represents a tremendous amount of data. To process all of this information the way humans do every day not only requires understanding of words, but also the links between them, context, hidden meanings and intent. Natural Language Processing software is able to automatically handle all of these aspects, and more.

What is Natural Language Processing?

Natural Language Processing (NLP) is an advanced process powered by artificial intelligence and deep learning techniques, that allows to turn human voice or textual data into valuable insights.

Using powerful algorithms, it’s able to extract, analyze and understand both written and spoken words with a level of accuracy comparable to the human mind. NLP then provides structured data that is directly useful to your business.

Quick definition

Natural Language Processing is a branch within artificial intelligence that uses computational linguistics to process human language and make it intelligible to machines. 

Unlike most machine learning techniques, which work with supervised learning from trained datasets, NLP uses unsupervised learning to analyze and comprehend content in a similar way that humans do.

NLP divides into several subcategories including speech recognition, natural language generation (NLG) and natural language understanding (NLU).

What are the key features of our tool?

Perfect Memory’s NLP tool combines many features to ensure human language is processed at the finest level of granularity.

The vocal or text data ingested by the software goes through several processing chains: first, syntax evaluation which helps analyzing the words’ structure, then semantics evaluation to extract meaning from them.

Using text analytics, our deep learning NLP platform identifies relationships between words, extracts information from text content and handles text classification in multiple languages. Through voice recognition, it is capable of analyzing and extracting meaning from spoken words regardless of the speaker’s language or accent. This real-time analysis enables part of speech tagging to facilitate content indexing and sharing.

NLP also uses sentiment analysis to determine whether the feeling behind a sentence is good, bad or neutral. Thanks to this functionality, NLP is able to analyze the intent in every statement, understand subtle nuances and link the speech to context. It can thus be profitable to a company to accurately interpret consumer insights, through online reviews or social media posts for example.

Why should you use NLP?

Considering most companies handle massive volumes of data everyday, manual processing is out of the question as it is way too time-consuming. Natural Language Processing software allows to handle a great amount of information, as the process is fully automated.

Some natural language processing platforms are really easy to implement and offer improved user experience through an intuitive interface. 

Examples of businesses which use NLP

Natural language processing finds a vast range of applications. As it interprets human generated queries to extract meaning from them, this process has proven useful to search engines as well as personal assistants involving voice search.

Use-cases of natural language processing software include various fields such as healthcare or finance, since the algorithms are capable of interpreting unstructured data from various types of content – like patient records, news reports, etc.

Although, many different businesses can benefit from NLP software, as language is the keystone of communication in every domain.

What are the benefits of using NLP?

A Natural Language Processing tool is capable of interpreting the meaning and deduce context from spoken or written words. This makes it really powerful, as language is the most common type of data but also the hardest one to analyze.

NLP tools are a great automation solution to extract and analyze large amounts of data. The deep learning algorithms involved allow them to detect and predict recurrent patterns from audio or text content, then generate truly exploitable data for your business.

How to choose the best NLP software for you?

There is a large variety of natural language processing software with notable differences in terms of data extraction, volume capacity, scalability and analysis features.

Depending on your business needs, the natural language processing platform you use should be able to extract data from sources and formats that are meaningful to you. The software also has to deliver domain-specific data according to your criteria, or it won’t be so useful to you.

NLP software can also be distinguished between open-source and SaaS (software-as-a-service) platforms. Open-source tools are free and can be customized, but you will need time and technical knowledge to set up the features you need. On the opposite, SaaS Natural Language Processing platforms require no previous machine learning experience at all.

Perfect Memory’s tool for NLP

Perfect Memory’s solution is a software-as-a-service (SaaS) natural language processing tool that can be easy implemented with no machine learning experience needed.

This is a highly flexible and scalable platform that offers the power of NLP while adapting to your business-specific needs.

It goes beyond voice recognition by interpreting complex sentences and linking them to context, to detect hidden meanings and even speech patterns.

Why Perfect Memory?

Perfect Memory offers a complete and intuitive SaaS solution to enhance your content. 

It combines natural language processing with speech to text conversion to generate accurate description and annotation, making content classification easier than ever.

Thanks to its integrated video analysis feature, our platform is able to identify various kinds of entities, then label and classify them through named entity recognition. Speech analysis is combined with image processing with features such as semantic segmentation annotation to comprehend the entirety of your content and turn it into valuable data.

Perfect Memory provides a single complete solution to cover all your business needs and trascend your contents, in a smart and fully automated way.

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