Internship – Front End Dev

Chamalières, Puy de Dôme (63) - France

In short

Job Location : Chamalières, Puy de Dôme (63) – France
Position Type : Full-time
Duration : 5 to 8 months depending on the internship agreement.
Published : 01/14/2021


Position Highlights

  • Technology driven: Opportunity to work with state-of-the-art technology
  • Teamwork: A supportive team environment that thrives on innovation.
  • Culture: An entrepreneurial focus, where ingenuity is expected.
  • Benefits: Excellent health coverage, flexible hours, spacious desks, choice of workstation (laptop or PC)


This internship raises several opportunities:

  • Improve your knowledge in semantic technologies
  • Understand the architecture of Perfect Memory’s semantic platform
  • Sharpen your knowledge in Web Technologies such as Javascript (, Typescript, HTML5 and CSS3
  • Interact with a RESTFUL API
  • Design new features and improve usability for several rich and modular applications connected to the platform

Maintainability, performance and fluidity are also some of the main challenges associated to these developments

Project Details

The position primary focuses are:

  • Implement new features in Trouvé™: the key application of the platform, which features indexation and navigation into multimedia contents
  • Explore and enhance the user experience of the platform services

Our ideal candidate

  • Student or graduate of Computer Science
  • Experience developing Front-end UI solutions
  • Proficient understanding code versioning tools such as GIT Repository
  • Experienced with Unit Testing
  • Experienced with Agile Development methodologies
  • Contributing in Open Source Projects is a positive factor
  • Eager to improve: Receptive to mentoring, turns feedback into immediate action.  Self-motivated to improve personally and as a team.
  • Fluency in French is a plus.

Job Location

Chamalières, Puy de Dôme (63) – France


5 to 8 months depending on the internship agreement.

Position Type


Please include a link to your online portfolio or GitHub account.

Permanent Position – Back End Dev


Chamalières, Puy de Dôme (63) – France
This position focuses on upgrading existing plug-ins and developing new ones with the objective of introducing new features into the platform. You will be part of the team in charge of advancing Perfect Memory’s expertise.

Permanent Position – Back End Exploitation Dev (Web 3.0)


Chamalières, Puy de Dôme (63) – France
You will be in charge of the development, maintenance and support of new micro-services (APIs, applications, …), their integration into workflows responding to customer use cases and the configuration of the platform to ensure the proper functioning of these use cases.