Face recognition solution

Our next generation software is bringing face recognition technology further

One of the key features in video analysis software is the facial recognition technology, which has become essential in most security and access industries, but also to identify which people are involved in a content, therefore generate the most accurate description.

Perfect Memory’s face recognition solution enables to automatically detect and identify faces in an image or video content with an incredible level of speed and accuracy.

What is face recognition?

Face recognition software is able to recognize human faces from any photo, video or real-time footage, allowing to identify people with outstanding performance.

This technology is rapidly spreading all over the world and now helps companies and governments in various tasks: ensure public security, prevent fraud, improve customer experience, or enrich media content with precise metadata. These are just a few examples of what face recognition solutions can do.

Quick definition

As its name suggests, face recognition is a process that consists in analyzing an image or video file and recognizing any human face appearing in it.

Today, as biometric identification technology has evolved, face recognition solutions go way beyond the analysis of facial biometrics from a neutral, still face. They are now able to find a face in a crowd, categorize individual faces from a group, identify moving people, work even in poorly lit environments, etc.

How does it work?

Thanks to state-of-the-art deep learning algorithms, face recognition systems are able to detect a face whenever it appears in an image. The software then analyzes biometric data to identify a person with extraordinary accuracy, by comparing the scanned faces with a large database made of billions of uploaded faces.

Most facial recognition systems also include a path tracking feature enabling them to follow a subject’s movement, making face detection possible even when a person is on the move in a video content. Beyond face identification, silhouette detection and tracking tools allow to track the moves of an unidentified person, proving to be very useful in crime prevention applications.

Facial recognition software is also able to perform image and video detection from several cameras at a time, enabling real-time face detection with a very small error rate.

What are the benefits
of face recognition?

Facial recognition technology allows to recognize multiple faces in the same frame, and segments group pictures into individual faces thanks to remarkable face detection abilities.

Besides, face recognition is proven to be the best biometrics technology, as it delivers highly accurate biometric recognition while requiring no interaction with the person, contrary to fingerprint identification or iris recognition.

Face recognition solutions offer extreme reliability and help simplify many identification processes, while making no compromise on privacy. Below are some examples of businesses that can take advantage of a facial recognition system.

Security & privacy

Face recognition is the most effective and reliable way to ensure safety in airports, border control and every other public spaces that need to control visitor access. This is why more and more facial recognition solutions are implemented to enhance these places’ security systems.

Thanks to biometric identification software, they are able to check visitor or passenger identities by scanning faces and comparing them with a list of a suspects.


Face recognition solutions are also a great help to law enforcement agencies: silhouette detection allows to track visitor movement and automatically detect any suspect behavior, while cross-camera face detection allows to analyze faces in real-time from mutiple video-surveillance systems, making it easier to apprehend criminals and terrorists.

In many industries, face recognition software is used to ensure safe access of employees into the workplace, and to make sure they are wearing appropriate security equipment.

Face recognition use cases

When thinking about face recognition and identification, most people immediately associate it with the security industry. Though it does show amazing performance in this sector, many other businesses can benefit from a face recognition system: retail, tourism, access management, media companies, and more.

For example, analyzing facial features allows to simplify contactless payment in retail stores and easily manage visitor flow.

Moreover, visitor identification powered by face recognition helps improve customer experience and build your loyalty program, by recognizing regular customers and generating customized offers based on their patterns of behavior.

It allows you to collect biometric data about your customers, like their age and gender, and analyze their emotions through their facial expression to optimize their shopping experience.

When applied to the media industry, face recognition technologies enhance video analysis software to help identify participants in events, actors in fiction, players in sports games, etc., by automatically scanning faces and comparing them with a wide database.

Perfect Memory’s face recognition solution

Our next generation software is bringing face recognition technology further.

Thanks to powerful machine learning algorithms, it works with great accuracy even on low-resolution images and in difficult conditions, like low lighting, moving subjects, different angles or facial expressions, or when the face is partially covered with hair, sunglasses or a face mask.

Our face recognition solution is extremely easy to implement, as it’s compatible with most video management systems, and accessible through a simple interface, perfectly tailored to your needs.

Perfect Memory offers a completely scalable solution with many video processing features, such as speech to text, natural language processing and semantic segmentation annotation to ensure the most enriched, valuable content.

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