The company

Founded in 2008 by Steny Solitude, CEO, Perfect Memory is a startup that works in the domain of the Web 3.0, mainly Semantic technologies applied to Big Data.
Perfect Memory delivers a cloud-based Semantic Data Management Platform that provides, improves, and enriches product description and searchability. We transform raw and extracted information into triggerable knowledge. Perfect Memory’s solution brings the best of Big Data, Linked Open Data and MAMs to monetize and speed up the delivery of catalog owners’ assets. Perfect Memory releases a pilote version in 2013, then Perfect Memory’s Smart DAM hits the marketplace in 2015.

Perfect Memory caters to media, the media agencies, the e-commerce and the industrial market.

Perfect Memory has been awarded “Top 10 Semantic Startups” during the SemTech Business in San Francisco. Perfect Memory is a Finalist Awardee for the IBC Innovation for Content Management Award. Perfect Memory has joined the “Excellence Club” of the French Public Investment Bank (BPI) in September 2014.

The team

Steny Solitude

Founder & CEO

CEO of Perfect Memory, which he founded in 2008. He studied Engineering of Cultural Industries at the University of Technology of Compiègne (UTC) and graduated with honors.

Steny Solitude is highly experienced and skilled in the domain of pre-indexation and mass production of audiovisual content.

Aymeric Brisse

Web 3.0 Architect

A graduate of the University of Technology of Compiègne (UTC), he is in charge of the Semantic Middleware architecture and its development.

With over 10 years of expertise in web technologies, and recognized for his innovative projects – in particular within the Ruby Community – he ensures the implementation of the latest innovations to serve our customers.

Magali Solitude

Editing & Multimedia Story Manager

Awarded a diploma from the prestigious Sorbonne University, she is in charge of “Editing and Multimedia Story” and works on the elaboration of an auto-editing tool.

The insights and results derived from this project are the subject of a joint thesis with the University of Technology of Compiègne (UTC), on the theme of self-writing and digital narrative.

Cédric Klein

Head of Professional Services

A graduate of the University of Technology of Compiègne (UTC), he is responsible for the professional services whose main mission is to care for our customers and partners in the expression of their need and the integration of the Perfect Memory solution. He combines collective skills and pedagogy at the service of successful project management in order to bring the best of Perfect technology to our users.
He also shares his expertise in the platform, especially semantic models, with collaborators, partners, customers and community members during professional events and educational training.

Curious about everything, he takes care of combining advanced technology and cultural intelligence to the service of users.

Julien Pervillé

System Administrator

Julien joined us in 2013, after several years of working as a freelance programmer. His responsibilities include deployment, operation, and monitoring of the Perfect Memory semantic platform.

His expertise on software design and testing is indispensable to the team. His motto is to master the art of learning, stay curious and love life.

Frédéric Maillot

Chief Creative Officer

Frédéric studied Graphic Design at the CETEC School of Paris. He joined our team in order to transform lines of code into attractive, well-designed, and ergonomic tools.

This 10-year experienced Graphic/Web designer has developed UI design expertise for the benefit of Perfect Memory’s interfaces. He has developed his 10 years of experience as a Graphic/Web designer into UI Design Expertise for the benefit of Perfect Memory’s interfaces. His aim is to make the Semantic Web accessible to everyone.

Lénaïk Leyoudec

Semiotics & UX Design Consultant

PhD in Communication Sciences (UTC), Lénaïk defended a thesis in january 2017 about digital heritage Editorialization.

He is now a Semiotics & UX Design consultant in the Professional Services team.

Vincent Tabary

Project Manager and Front-end Developer

Vincent specializes in ergonomy and implementation of the user interface. He is also in charge of project management with our clients.

A graduate of the University of Technology of Compiègne (UTC), he has joined Perfect Memory to offer his skills and expertise for the company’s success.

Karim Bogtob

Knowledge Extraction & Back-end Development Specialist

ISIMA Engineer in Software Development and Modelizing, Karim is working on never-before-seen R&D issues around knowledge extraction and internal semantic management tools.

Passionate about A.I. & machine learning, he is also a jovial lifelong learner and loves to share his expertise.

Guillaume Rachez

Platform & Semantic Consultant

A graduate of the University of Valenciennes as a Picture & Sound System Engineer, he majors in Media Indexing and Semantic Technologies. Collaborator of Perfect Memory from the very beginning, he contributed to the core principles of the platform.

Guillaume brings to the team his expertise and pedagogical approach in Data Modelization and Information Management Tools. He coaches every new partner or client in creating their Semantic Profile. As a Cinema and Innovation fan, Guillaume keeps cultural and technological issues of Perfect Memory’s technologies at the heart of his concerns.

Jeanella Pascual

Front-end Developer

Computer Science graduate from the University of the Philippines–Diliman, the country’s premier university.

Adaptive, diligent, and creative, she is in constant quest of learning new things.

Her experiences in Front-end development, Agile Methologies, UI/UX Design and working in the startup scene are an addition to the team’s toolbelt.

Stéphane Roucheray

R&D Engineer – Front-end Developer

A graduate of the University of Valenciennes as a Picture & Sound System Engineer, he helped several major French and European broadcasters to migrate their newsrooms from a tape-based workflow to the digital area. He is very interested in listening to the users and their needs, thus he acquired a lot of expertise in developing great user interfaces and improving user experience.

Willing to think out of the box, Stéphane is now using his expertise in front-end technologies for the good of building and organizing knowledge.

Richard Degenne

Back-end Developer

Richard joined Perfect Memory in 2017, right after graduating from Centrale Lille IG2I. He quickly specialized in knowledge creation and extraction.

Hungry for new knowledge and new skills, Richard always bends his mind to discovering, learning and mastering new techniques.

Adam Souquieres

Front-end Developer

With a Master in Computer and Information systems from SUPINFO, Adam has 6 years of professional experience in Back-end Development in software and IT services companies.

Since 2017, Adam has joined the Front-end Team of Perfect Memory to expand his area of expertise and take on new challenges.

Adam is a serious gamer – his passion for role-playing games and escape rooms helps him get through all sorts of situations.

Hugo Teyssier

UI/UX Designer

Multi-skilled in Multimedia and Internet Technologies, Hugo joined la Perfect in 2018 right after graduating from a professional degree in Digital Industries.

Sensitive to Apps’ Aesthetic and Ergonomy, he naturally majored in UX Design.

As a perfectionist, Hugo puts his attention to detail to the service of User needs satisfaction. For him, nothing is left to chance.